1st day of 2006

As if it may, but the first day of 2006 marked as little more than another day in my ongoing lonely and two faced life.

I did make some resolution, as to fill my StriveStudio with more and more arts, perhaps 2 or 3 arts in a week. Boy it will be some hard work along the way, but I also made a resolution that my ongoing journey to seek earning potencies from the net will put on halt, ended with me being investing in DadnDaves, 12 DailyPro, Auto-Surf.biz, and FiveStarHYIP and continuing my study on Forex by performing virtual trading on Marketiva trading platform. My real trading sessions had burnt my pocket deeper than I thought, so I think it’s best for me now to stay away from real trading.

In political note, I have been noticing an increasing activities surrounding dubya’s puppetmasters ongoing sinister plot to control the world’s oil resources, notably inciting riots on Nigeria, increasing tension level with Venezuela and Iran, making lame conspiracies in Iraq, and continuing terror threat in my own country, Indonesia. Now they are also trying to shake Malaysia too, starting with false terror threat to their own embassy there.

anyway, if you are interested, these are some noticeable headlines I came across:

Russian gas supplies to Ukraine will be cut as planned on Sunday, state-owned Gazprom says after talks fail. Read <a href=

Quite a wrong move for some huge country who have done so many wrong things to its former family members, isn’t it?

This perhaps the next gadget to put more “class” to the road warrior class of worker.

See it here what a iPod maniac will do and thing about his spending. Me? I will stick to my already more than a year old (and still kicking albeit so many physical abuses) Creative Muvo Slim 128 MB. The only real problem is my old music collection that have seen little refreshment. The last addition of music was like 1 or 2 years ago. Got to see more to that MP3 collections out there.

and this: Between the alphabet soup of the different standards and the disparity between vendors’ claims and true speeds, choosing the right DVD writer is not much fun. To spare you the headache, THG detailed the latest DVD writers available from NEC ND-3540A, Pioneer DVR-110D, Plextor PX-740A, Sony DRU-810A and Toshiba SDR-5472 and gauge their true speeds. Read it here

Okay, that’s it for today !!

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