Day 2, 2006

Something is up inside of me: Anxiety. I think it has to do with the fact that I am about to re-enter the working world again, after almost 3 full weeks of becoming a free man.

Becoming a free man makes me a man full of inspirations, resulting in many arts being born and displayed in StriveStudio. I like it when I am full of inspirations, I feel liberated.

Alas, being liberated doesn’t mean I’ll be living in a live full of income. I still need to have a 7 to 4 job for that.

Now: There’s something about the anxiety: It somehow dulls my inspirations. Evident in the insynchronization of my brains, my hands, and my feelings. I think parts of me, the one who is pro about the working world and the one who is art liberation pro is struggling to gain domination of me.

I had to choose the working world partisant for the reason as simple as MONEY.

I think my coming making live will be climaxed as an amateur artis only.

Enough about my anxiety and such, and lets discuss the world.

So many conflicts still around, making the taste of new year somewhat duller than before.

President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan vows to toughen his island’s stance against China in his New Year speech. here. I thought these Chinas are coming toward peace, but I guess the commies china is too greedy to let the silicon china free.

Wartime UK leader Winston Churchill favoured letting Gandhi die if he went on hunger strike while in custody. here. Something about being at the receiving end of german artillery and have to kick someone?

Veteran Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi complains Sudan is full of foreign forces despite 50 years of independence. here. What can you do? Islamic nation is still under the capital colonization of the uncle satan’s army (my country included).

Dozens of stranded whales are shot dead as New Zealand officials decide it is too risky to try to save them. here. Wonder where the meat will go? Perhaps as a “scientific” lab object, just like Japan does to their whales. But the only tests performed will be taste testing, in local dignitary restaurants.

Rations for more than 80,000 refugees in camps in Zambia are being halved because of a lack of international aid. here. And they spent millions of USD everyday dominating Iraq.

Syria’s ruling Baath party expels former vice-president Abdul Halim Khaddam after an outspoken TV interview. here. Politics, your friends are the ones who wears the same face. The party will fall soon.

Five Italians are kidnapped in Yemen despite the government pledging more efforts to end abductions. here. Read more here.

Iraqi security forces open fire during a protest against fuel shortages in Kirkuk, killing at least two people. here. Lives are cheap in Iraq.

President Bush has strongly defended his domestic spying programme, calling it vital and necessary to protect the Well, you know what dubya’s US is. Us, Us, Us (as us means his and his colleagues business, spionage industries being one of them).

Iran dismisses a proposal that it enrich uranium in Russia to ease a dispute over its nuclear Why one can’t have its own nuclear things? Cause one is an Islamic and very independent country.

2005 was arguably the year citizens shaped the news, media and the world with their digital technology. here. Can’t argue more, just look at me and you, and the born of hundreds of thousands of new bloggers each and everyday !!

Scientists are working on a method to enable doctors to identify disease even before symptoms appear. here. More reason to do monthly visits?

Russia’s decision to cut gas imports to Ukraine is causing dismay across Europe, where supplies are being disrupted. here. It’s just a combination of carbon and hydrogen, but yet it’s the cause of so many disputes. Wonder what happens if combination of H and an O is also a rare commodity? More here. And here too.

A senior official says China’s economy grew an estimated 9.8% in 2005, much faster than previously forecast. here. China is growing bigger, fast, reminding me of those science fictions mutations: bigger, faster, wilder.

Pakistan tells India to mind its own business after Delhi voices concern at unrest in Balochistan province. here

Iran orders the closure of a newspaper for the first time since hardline President Ahmadinejad took Ahemadinejad is indeed a hardline president.



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