Day 3, 2006.

Back to work, and back to a somewhat perceived as “the real world’ by general members of civilization. Back into becoming a participant than watcher. Back into becoming a part of the capitalists assets. Back into a becoming a routine. At least I’m nicely paid (if the contract is practiced right).

Now, there’s something: there has been a revelation that one children shelter is actually a children trafficker. Whose babies? Babies who are left there by their mother who doens’t want them? Blame free, pre-marital sex then. There is bigger chance of a girl having pre-marital sex to be forced into a life of regrets. Regrets of having their children separated from her, by will or by force. Regrets of having their children being aborted. Regrets of having to marry someone because of something so shameful.

Or worse: accumulation of hidden negative emotions inside that corrodes the very core of the soul.

Now, let’s see what has become of the world:

France says it will lift a state of emergency introduced in November after weeks of civil unrest. here. Racial problem over? Nah! I believe there will be more subjugation after this.

Young people who experience alcohol advertisements are likely to drink more alcohol, a study says. here

The EU calls on Russia and Ukraine to resolve a row over gas prices, which has disrupted supplies. here. I smell conspiracy here. More here and here.

The global trade in caviar and other products made from the wild, endangered sturgeon fish has been banned. here. Good, I guess.

A claim that immigration officials granted visas in exchange for sex is being investigated by the Home Office. here. Sex, the oldest tradeable commodity in the world.

Pakistan is in talks to buy six to eight nuclear reactors from China, the Financial Times newspaper reports. here. Thanks to dubya’s puppet sitting on the throne, this one will not be fussed by uncle satan’s army.

Rescuers in Indonesia search for survivors after flash floods triggered by heavy rains kill at least 57 people. here. Do you know the cause of this? Wood consumptions of China being supplied by Malaysia with lumbers stolen from Indonesia.

Fourteen members of one family are killed in a US air strike in northern Iraq, Iraqi officials say. here. Uncle Satan’s Army.

A new year, a new Google rumor. This one involves a story in the Los Angeles Times, which is reporting the company will show a PC product by them here

New underwater listening device reveals surprising and inexplicable sounds. here

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