Day 5,2005

One big fact has been revealed: my friend resigned from his post. Everyone said it must be some kind of accumulation of frustations that have been built up since the beginning of the company’s acceleration programs.

One thing for sure, parts of whatever the causes of the frustations will be given to me. Expect to have frustated bloggers in the near future.

Anyway, I’m currently too tired to make a long blog, so this will be it.

And oh yeah, I’m fed up with the way the government of my country handles problems: reactionary lip problems. Current government has been using excessive smokes and mirrors created by its spinsters. I hate it, it’s a sign that the government is not able to perform well, it’s a sign that the government has no idea what to do to solve the problems, and it’s a sign that they have more “priorities” than solving the problems of the common folks.

I’m fed up with governments.


1 comment
  1. allan said:

    Agreed.Governments suck.

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