Day 7, 2006

Boy, I think I have a severe case of “Neurotic Chemical Imbalances”. Why? That’s because I enjoy thinking evil thoughts when I am tired and depressed.

Thanks God those evil thoughts are back dormant again when I wake up in the morning, somehow refreshed. But with the burden of daily commuting and working that I have, waking up refreshed is for saturday and monday morning only. The other days are for autolocomotion: don’t know half of what I’m doing.

Is this the first sign of working class depressions? Guess so.

Well, if millions survive with their own working class depressions, guess I can do that do.

Now, for some random philosophical thoughts:

– Beggars are not to be fed by us. They are just some lazy beings who are able to rack up more incomes than the average low-income persons. Some are just blatantly shameless: in good health, wearing rings with nice stones embedded, and dress rather nicely. All they have to do is sit down and put their hands on begging position, and endure some 10 hours of blazing heat of the sun. Some beggars bring children with them and not all of them are theirs. The children is used as added “charity magnet”.

And years from now, the children will grow into the next generation of beggars, raised to be beggars or street/public tranport musicians (they play musics on buses and get paid by willing passangers). Many have tried to educate and institute these children of the street, but all have failed. The main problem is the fact that they are parts of “beggars mafia family”, a group of people who are not able to let themself, physically and mentally, off their begging routines. It is severely embedded on their psychological roots that begging on the street is their life and they are nothing without it. They have no skills, and looking for more honorable jobs will be time consuming and less rewarding.

Begging, in essence, is a way humans being forced by nature to gain the very unevenly distributed wealth here in Indonesia.

– Have you ever seen men pissed in front of public? Yeah, gross, right? But many men have done it. They piss, with their back facing the street, and their golden shower is visible by others. It’s just not so right and downright shameful.

It’s a sign that the level of permissiveness here in Indonesia has gone lower and lower each and every day. And growing permissiveness is a sign of weakening of good cultural values and the loosening of moral restrictions. More, it’s a sign that general public have become less care of what happens around them because they have to survive on their own.

An evil permitted will grow and infect many.

– Jakarta is a city full of traffic jams and ineffecient people. Many have to endure 4 hours of commuting doing nothing but getting home. It will be nice if instead of building huge, low occupation rated, expensive apartments, the goverment build a huge, moderately rated, and will be crowded apartments. Apartments that can be purchased or rented by the average people who works around Jakarta’s business centers. Apartments that are built in the business centers themselves, and therefore will be reducing the amount of people commuting, and in the end will be reducing the amount of inefficiency caused by the commuting.

It will save fuels, therefore reducing the amount of pollution spewed into the atmosphere each day.

Those are my philosophical thoughts of the week.

Now for some interesting news:

Scientists have discovered a protein that seems to be pivotal in lifting depression. here. Good.

Worried residents in the Turkish town hit by three bird flu deaths head to a local hospital seeking treatment. here. Smells like pharmaceutical conspiracy.

Web giant Google is to start selling video online, its co-founder Larry Page announces. here

A farmer explodes a bomb in a court in northwest China, killing himself and four others, including two senior officials. here. Boy, chineses copy everything, even the latest “terror trend”.

A rare astrological event has proved Pluto’s moon – Charon – has no

Kenya says it will buy up all the country’s maize stocks to feed the hungry in the drought-stricken north-east. here

Singer Michael Jackson faces legal action for allegedly failing to pay veterinary bills. here

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon was widely expected to win Israel’s election on 28 March, but his anticipated departure from the political scene has turned attention to other key figures. here.

A US sailor in Japan suspected of involvement in a local woman’s death is handed over to Japanese police. here

The head of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti is found shot dead in a hotel room. here

Iranian officials say they are happy with a first day of talks with Russian diplomats on Tehran’s nuclear programme. here

Embattled US Republican Tom DeLay gives up his bid to stay in his leadership post in the House of Representatives. here

Charles Kennedy, leader of the UK’s third largest political party, resigns after admitting battling an alcohol problem. here

Some 200,000 New Yorkers own vehicles that can run on corn-based ethanol instead of gasoline, but many don’t know it. here

Here’s a glimpse of alternative fuels:

Microsoft recommends ATi hardware for Windows Vista. here

CES Pop quiz, hotshot! You’re a billionaire who struggles with public speaking. What do you do? What do you do?… here



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