Day 10. 2006

Day by day, I feel that my dreams are leaving me and leaving me defenseless against the reality.
My dreams are all I have to sooth me and keeps me company for now.
And lessons for so far is that my dreams will stay to be dreams for me and will be a reality for others.
If I want to have some nice things, I must not dream about them, or others will have them.
It sucks: I do best dreaming, it’s half of my life. If I forfeit dreaming, I’ll be half empty.

I know the empty half can be filled with reality. I have been trying to do it, but so far, reality’s face is dominated with ugliness and it’s muscles have been strangling me.

I know I must be strong, but I fear that by becoming strong I’ll release that man I know from the mirrors: evil, spoiled, insane.



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