Day 9, 2006

Boy, the talk about the departure of a friend continues, mainly discussing about the main reason he departed and the person responsible for it. Many said that my senior was the one responsible, as he had been neglecting him here and there in the past. He defended by saying that the departed was showing lack of confidence on his work and his neglects was a way to make him more confident and independence.

Many agreed on his lack of confidence, but they said that my senior gave him too much neglects.

Too much neglects. That’s a very subjective judgement.

As for myself, I decided not to put myself deeper into the judging and focusing on the jobs he left instead. It will be burdened to me, at least for the next 10 days, as another engineer was still in Kurau and one more was still off-duty and taking official leave for a week.

Now I can feel what kind of stress he was experiencing before decided to depart. Many said that my boss has the record numbers of people resigned from his division, being a somewhat enigmatic and harsh boss altogether.

Hard life of a middle class worker continues to escalate in stress level almost everyday.



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