Day 11, 2005

I need a girlfriend. That’s an urge that has been building inside of me. An urge so understandable if one is to look into my age and my long history of being a single guy.

Being single means having much liberty. I enjoy my liberty, I do. There are so many things I love to do now that I have my own income. Drawing comics, trying various online investments, even maturing my forex trading techniques.

But no matter how much I enjoy my independence and how rebellious I am, I am still surrounded by so many conventional values: people of my age tend to be married, people of my age tend to be pushed here and there to get married and led a settled life, people of my age already married and some even already have children.

These tendencies have somehow polluted my soul and planted the seed of family making instinct in me. But in rate that I am now, I don’t see that having a girlfriend, leaves alone marrying, is close at hands.

I am not a charming man, all I have is my somehow elite job and my skills in written words. My mother is a racial one, hates people from certain two tribes and has done so much to make me unable to get far with girls from those tribes. My father is a man whose wishes are his commands, a man whom I have been trying to be liberated from, and now he wishes that I marry a girl from specific tribe with specific educational background. My own life now is hovering between my working life, my investments seeking, and my comic making. No time to chase girls. The girls I am interested in have all been taken. Add those with the fact that there are my mother sisters, noisy old ladies, who frequents my home almost at daily basis. One of them is in state of subnormal mental state.

Now you see why marrying, for me, is still far from my grasp?

On my mind now, if I am marrying soon, it won’t be from love, it will be from necessity. It will have much “forced” things in it.


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  1. Lumina said:

    Same thing here.My one-year-and-three-months-younger-male-cousin has just married last week. Seeing me, her mother “forces” me to get married soon. God! What’s wrong with these people? Is it wrong if I am not married yet till now? Sue me then.I have a friend, younger than me, told me that he decide to not married. He has his own reason. I think that is so fine. It’s his life. So, Eko, you make the decision. And if you do make your decision, be sure you will be responsible with it. Don’t make any decision that can make you regret it. It’s your life, anyway. Not their’s.

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