Day 14, 2006

Now I realize that I somehow have the urge to not love my home. Perhaps it’s just the accumulation of the boredoms I have for many things. Perhaps it’s that urge to have someone been pressing me subliminally.

As for now, I am thinking of shedding many desires and keep those who simply important to me.

First, I’m forsaking the desire to have a business outside my office besides Forex Trading. It’s too much for me, and the burden at my office is getting mountainous since the departure of that resignee.

Second, I’m leaving the desire to write a novel for it’s too time consuming, and I don’t have much spare times left.

Three, I’m keeping my desire to make a comic, although it won’t be a good one or world-wide popular, but it’ll be done and be presented to the world as free comic. I am still perfecting the arts which can be seen on STRIVESTUDIO.

Third, I’m keeping my forex trading session, even for the sake learning. Hopefully, when I can get a grasp on it and make a steady stream of profits for one year and Marketiva lasts, I’ll offer my skills to the world in a manner of forex pool account. For now, it’ll simply be the learning.

Fourth, I’m keeping minor physical activities such as push-ups and sit ups. My muscles are very minimal, and my stomach has grown silly. I need to return to my manly muscular state which have been forgotten for 10 year.

And fifth, I’ll do good to every attractive girls I can find and get connected to, hoping that one of them will be synchronized fairly with me.

New year resolutions? Bah, more like a down man’s aspirations and desires.


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  1. doris said:

    Gosh! I’ve only read your last few posts and it sounds like you are having major internal upheavals. That’s a good thing, even if it is uncomfortable.I don’t want to depress you, but my husband had to wait until he was in his later thirties before he got his girlfriend – me – but then when I came along I was so head over heels and crazy for him (and still am after nearly 8 years) he says it was worth the wait.I have known guys and women who become so desperate for a partner that they are off-putting. It is far better you concentrate on you, your business, your work and your everyday relationships. In being content in yourself and then just when you aren’t desperate to find that woman of your dreams you’ll be so surprised.As for me, I had two kids and finally came to a point in my life where I wanted to share my life with someone else. I came to a point of letting go and allowing good stuff to come in. Meanwhile, I was getting on and was doing a good job of rebuilding my life and building a good life for my kids …. and then I met my hubby.Keep blogging and good luck with the comics. If that is where your passion is then that is a great direction. 🙂

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