Day 15, 2006

Had tremendous (if not excessive) amount of sleep for the last 2 days.

Saturday was like an accumulation of leftover sleep hours, the hours that couldn’t be satisfied in workdays.

Sunday’s sleep hours was like a cure for my strained muscles, after doing a heavy amount of physical exercise (well, heavy is relative, my “heavy” might be others “kid’s play”). Not only that, it also cured the annoying headache that came with those strained muscles. Boy, it’s such an annoying headache that I was descended into the evil part of me, where evil thoughts reign and mental delusions dominates. But after awoke in this morning, I feel rather refreshed. If I didn’t skip dinner, I might be feel fresher. But I think it is enough now that my mind is no longer dominated by evil minds.

Well, part of my excercise includes long march in the morning, where I took photos that can be seen on STRIVESTUDIO. They are on sidebar (or bottombar, for sometimes when loaded on I.E it becomes one), the latest landscape photos.

Now I have to begin another workdays cycle. Better prepare for those descents into evil part again…


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