Day 22, 2006

Sunday, day of heavier exercises and longer sleeps. With more push-ups, dumbel liftings, and sit-ups, my body yearns for sleeps afterward.

I completed the CGUE type D.E.E.P ARMS 1/144 HG model kit I bought on saturday. It turned out to be cool enough, with its 2 shoulder beam cannons and one ship cutter beam sword.

I continued reading The Sword of Shannara (It’s a monstrous book of nearly 1000 pages). I have a feeling that this perhaps the 2nd best book in Shannara series, right after The First King of Shannara.

I continued finishing Caylin Dayna first art, which’s sketch can be found on STRIVESTUDIO.

Now I have to make myself ready, body and soul, for another rigirous office week !!



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