Day 24, 2006

It’s been raining in the afternoon for 2 days. Exactly after I reached halfway from office to my home the rain comes and forced me to take shelter. Albeit of being sheltered, I’m still wet because the rain has been accompanied by strong, resilient wind. Already parts of Jakarta are suffering from flood (like always, every year).

And man, I have been totally bored lately. Bored and sleepy. Lack of sleep, that’s obvious. What I can’t stand is lack of variety in life. I wake up at same time spot every day, pray, blog, play Utopia, read newsfeeds, check my Marketiva account, pray, take breakfast, take a bath, dress up, go to office, be in hell, take lunch, do some autosurfings, pray, continue be in hell, pray, come home, play, read, sleep, pray, do some arts, and then sleep.

Always the same routine on the weekdays…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGHHHH!!!



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