Day 25, 2006

Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Bored.
The sky has been a leaden dome, with thick clouds and pale sun all over, making my days gloomier. Not only that, it seems that I have been very boooooored with my life here: doing seven to four without clear aims and only the MP3 player to reduce my loneliness.

Anyway, now that it seems I have enought sleep, my mind is somewhat clearer and my energy has returned (albeit not as fiery as before, I have found a way to keep it in check), I think it’s time for some philosophical/conspiracy thoughts (those who has been following this blog for long know that I am sometimes a downright hermit). I now have several topics, and as it used to be, I’ll write them in the weekends.

This week, it will be about another conspiracy theory. Stay tuned.


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