Day 26, 2006

More rain came to Jakarta, and every media is flooded with news of flooding. It is quite a shame, considering that everyone knows exactly why the flood comes, but no one, especially the government, no anything concret about it.

Everyone knows that illegal loggings are running rampants, perhaps the victims of the flood and avalanche themselves are illegal loggers, yet the local authorities seems to turn a blind eye on them. It seems money that floods in from Malaysia and China is enough for them to sacrifice their own peope’s lives.

It will be like that, if the authorities are the extension of the ruling parties, and the ruling parties themselves are the extensions of greedy businessmen, businessmen who know nothing about empathies and think more about their own wealths. Rules are made to accomodate the capital owners, not the people, who are counted only as another resource and not counted as souls similar to them.

For the people, instant, uneducational, and public-relation-stinks “compensations” are made, without thinking about the root of the cause itself: corruptions.

That’s enough for me, for longer entry on this topic, stay tuned tomorrow.


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