Day 27, 2008

Well..nothing big happens, although I’d love to say that I was fresher than usual days, and my physical exercises have gone uprated and my strict diet has been going well without me have to suffer a lot.

He he, actually something big did happened. I am in the process of purchasing something very big, something that has been a dream for about 8 years now. What it is? I can’t tell you, because I am a paranoid and worry that you’ll steal the idea from me šŸ˜‰

It is very expensive, but It will last for years to come!!

Looking forward for a firefighting course session today, every employees who are often deployed for field duties must know how to fight fire. Perhaps there will be nice photos coming out of this course. Stay tune on my STRIVESTUDIO to see if there is a new photo or not on the sidebar gallery.

See you later.

And oh yeah, if you are interested in online investments, read this trick, it is simple and very much automatic, found by yours truly!!



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