Day 29, 2006

Finished reading Sword of Shannara (a monster of a novel), and finally found out why this one is a legend. It is a great novel with so many plots and climaxes of personal battles and all out colossal war. And yet it teaches us something: for a problem so large, often the solution is a simple and very much overlooked thing.

I finally wrote one more philosophical entry, one which I have been looking to write for about 3 months now, but have to go through my own personal ups and downs first before grasping the mood to write it. Look for “Weapon to end all Weapons – Part 1” article. It should be above this post.

I am currently reading “The Elfstones of Shannara”, the next book in the “Shannara” series. So far it’s good, and it takes a somewhat different angles than “Sword”.



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