Day 29, 2006

Had a basic firefighting techniques course. The trainer first presented the slides which informed the ignorants on what is fire, what is a “Triangle of Fire”, types of fire, and how to avoid and conquer fire. Afterward, the trainer taught us how to use wet sacks and fire extinguishers to put out a small, controlled fire, and we have to try extinguishing them ourselves.

The basic of firefighting is simple: fire is present only if there are 3 elements come into contacts: heat, fuel, and oksigen. remove one, and the fire will cease to be. It is then simply the matter of identifying the source of the heat, the forms of fuel, and the source of oksigens and then seperate them together, right? Nooooooooooo! The matter is more complicated than that. But I won’t go far, as you can find more of fire and fire extinguishing on your own.

What I can tell you is the fact that I was very excited about the whole firefighting business. It was a new and exotic thing for me, and as for dozen others new and exotic thing, it’s an intriguing thing. It is so intriguing that as I was walking home, I decided to take up the role of the office Fire Warden as soon as the position is open. It’s not day to day work, but to it sounds exciting now.

There are some photos taken by yours truly during the training sessions displayed on STRIVESTUDIO. Check them out to get a grasp on how the heat of the training went 🙂



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