Day 31, 2006

A holiday spent reading, playing Civilization IV, and watching newly bought DVDs. (Desperate Housewives second season, yay!!)

I also finally recognized that I am someone who is livelier when acting on whim (it tends to make me livelier), not on careful on long deliberation (it tends to make me lose focus). What I have been afraid all this time is the fact that when acting on whim, I tend to miss important facts, facts that are crucial for success. That’s why I have been resorting on long deliberations, which in the end is not succesful either.

Perhaps I am a victim of Attention Deficit Disorder, there are so many in the symptoms list that are applicable to me, especially dominant the lack of focus, great start but poor ending, disorganized life, and easily bored.
And it seems curing ADD needs some medications, not just some psychological adjustments. But the good thing is:

Six months to a year of counseling is often needed to work through most problems. For those with ADHD this can be faster. After dealing with an issue, people with ADHD are generally ready to move on. We tend not to dwell on the past; to not be reflective. You should feel that going to the therapist is helping you and that you are improving. Watch out for therapists who want to continue therapy when you feel ready to end it. They may need to “help” you more than you need to be helped.

Many don’t require intensive long-term therapy to get their lives on track and to improve their self-esteem and confidence if they don’t have a lot of lifetime baggage that needs to be worked through. Often, medication, learning about what ADHD is and is not, putting good coping skills in place, exercising regularly and taking good care of themselves, along with belonging to an ADHD support group, even via the computer, are enough. Sometimes, instead of therapy, adults with ADHD only need “coaching.” They benefit by having someone who regularly checks in with them to see how things are going; someone who helps the adult with ADHD develop and carry out strategies that will work for him in achieving his goals.

Well, like so many problems in my live: once recognized, I’ll hunt relentlessly to solve it myself. This one is no exception.

I really wish to end my procrastinating and poor ending habits. They are not good traits for someone who bends on dominating the world….



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