Monthly Archives: February 2006

It seems my mind is still infected with my fear to those “Ghost Sounds” I mentioned several days ago. Being an active imaginer, my brain continously playing “Ghosts encountering” scenarios on my head whenever I am idle. The worst has been happening at night, when I close my eyes and try to sleep. The imaginations event squeezing my mental conditions, making me uneasy and feel presses.

Is this just my imagination, or is this a work of a “evil supernatural being” ? I don’t know, and as much as I want to know, I fear the ways of finding out the answer.


To wrap up my activities yesterday: Sleeping, tinkering around with my new S75, and playing CIV4. What a weekend, right? Yeah…

Anyway, It turns out that siemens S75 still has many bugs in it. The one regarding its media player is somewhat annoying, but will be rather rarely encountered by me: If you already playing the media player, chosing: “Add Playlist” will show that both cellphone’s memory and the installed RS-MMC are blank, and if you press the middle navi keypad, it will shut the cellphone down. But like I said, I will rarely encounter this problem, so it will be fine for me.

Another bug is the interaction between the cellphone and its managing software (installed on PC), Mobile Phone Manager. It seems you need to launch the MPM first, then connect your cellphone and let the MPM recognizes it. Also make sure you have set the right outlook version (or lotus version) to be synchronized by the MPM, or you’ll have it going round in circle of error when used to synchronize the cellphone with your managing software data. It’s a shame that for every newe release of MPM, new bugs arise, kinda reminds you of microsoft, right?

Anyway, it seems fear of “Supernatural beings” still hovering inside my mind, kinda pushing me into some unstable, cowardice person whenever I am tired. It’s creepy.

Completed all missions intented to be done yesterday 🙂

First mission is to put my aging Siemens M65 cellphone to Siemens Mobile Service Center (actually, Siemens Mobile is now Benq Mobile, after acquisition by BenQ). It turned out that the keypad section of the cellphone was penetrated by a kind of oily substance. Hmm…wonder where’s that oily substance have come from…Anyway, the customer service girl told me that I can call them later on sunday to make sure whether I can have my cellphone tomorrow and whether I have to pay for something for the reparation. Hopefully, it will be up and running again on monday.

Second mission is to get me a new cellphone: Siemens S75!! Yep, I long for replacing my aging (tough, but aging) Siemens S65 with a cellphone that can play MP3. Generation 75 cellphones from Siemens, from CX75 all the way to SXG75, all have MP3 playing capabilities. I was waiting for SXG75, cause this one is the next all in one cellphones after Siemens SX1 but since SXG75 has been said to will not be sold in Indonesia, I have to chose for other phones.

I have to chose between M75, the next tough phone after M65, or S75, the S class (exclusive) of 75 series, which has dedicated music player buttons.
The price difference is about US$20, so I chose S75. With that US$20 difference, you have music playing buttons and 128 MB of RS-MMC included in the package (M75 only has 32 MB). So I chose S75.

The cellphone turned out excellent, albeit a small screen resolution of only 132×176 pixels. What makes this thing turn out excellent is the quality of the speaker: It is good (for a cellphone). Although monophonic, the acoustic design of the cellphone makes the sound that comes out of the speaker can be heard as if it’s surround sterophonic. It will be AMAZING if the speaker is stereo, but being able to mimic surround stereophonic while still monophonic is a COOL feat on its own.

For now, I’m still learning nuts and bolts of this superb cellphones. Oh yeah, the MP3 players can be put on the background, so you can still hear the music playing while you’re typing SMS. Cool eh?

And now, for the third mission. The last mission felt like a covert mission for me, cause I have to misuse a device on a hypermarket to fulfill office duties. Sounds interesting? Continue reading.

The story goes like this: My office, being a petroleum field operator, needs to use a heavy density, solid free completion fluid that will be used to complete a gas well. So my office opened a tender, and bidders come forward.

There are only two bidders. These two bidders got themselves into a lawsuit war during the tender process, so my boss has to take comprehensive measures to pick the winner. One of the measurement is to evaluate the suitability of the completion fluid itself.

The first evaluation is component and property analysists. Those were done on an independent professional laboratory.
After the results came, my boss suddenly came out with other ideas to test the fluid itself that can be done on the office: precipiation tests (done with putting the samples in a bottle and put them where the temperature ranges are the widest: office window 😛 ), and corrosion test.

The corrosion test is where my covert mission came in. You see, the corrosion test done with putting slabs of metal inside inside the sample fluids which are put inside their containers. The objective of the test is to measure differences between the weights before and after the immersions.

So I have to know the initial weight of each slab, right? Right….

This is where my problem arose: the field lab guy, the one who sent the slabs, forget to measure the weights of the slabs…so I have to found a way to measure them.

And fruits counter weighting scale came in mind.

So I went to hypermarket, paper napkin from my bento dinner, labelled by using a pen on a stationary store, accompanied by the slabs of metals on my pockets, and hunting instinct on my eyes. Not even the pretties girl in the world with bare 36C breasts could divert my eyes from looking for a scale. I finally found it, but not fruits weighting scale, and not the exact kind of scale, but it will do.

So I turned the electricity on the scale on; put out the firs slab,put it on the scale; ripped a portion of the paper napkin which labelled 1; get the camera on my new S75 ready; took a picture which captured the paper napkin, the slab, and the weight of the slab displayed; wrapped the slab with the paper napkin, and put it into my pocket.

With high degree of self confidence and a strong willpower to make myself invisible (which is somehow useless..but you could feel the warning “STAY AWAY FROM ME” emitted strongly from my person), I repeat the whole process twice more.

After the third, with all three slabs properly…covered in paper napkins, I went to other sections and bought 4 packs of Tango Wafers and one pack of Instant Ginger Ale sachets, went to the cashier, paid them, and get out of the hypermarket, with all of my missions accomplished.

What a day 🙂

Sleep trouble continued. I wonder if daily intake of creamed coffee could alter my “sleep inducing genes”. As lack of sleep mounting, my evil side has been slowly taking over. I have been able to feel evil, thinking evil thoughts.
My friend got gang robbed two days ago, on a street crossing bridge close to my office. I swore to punish the robbers gang and kill them if necessary, under the heavy influence of the evil side.
It’s scary.

It seemed I got a kind of ghost running around the outskirt of my house.

You see, I was attacked by a kind of mild insomnia last night, so I slept close to midnight (not a good thing for someone who has to get up and prepare since 4.30 a.m, I can sure you of that).

Since my room felt hotter than usual, I decided to move to my sister’s room (she was at college in Surabaya, some 1000 kilometer away..) where it has been always cooler than my room.

But soon, something chilling happened. A sound, voice, heard as sinister mix of laughter and a pig’s squeal, emanating just outside the room, under the tall mango tree. It last for 5-10 horrible minutes. Then silence.

And then slowly, another sound emanated. It sounds like high pitched cry of a cat mixed with that of a baby. It sounded shrill and thrilling.
It sounded like some ethereal creature. It’s a “banshee”.

So I escaped the room, and joint my mother and aunt who slept on the living room’s floor (they prefer to sleep there and that way, it’s cooler they said). I woke them, and made them listen to the sound of the “banshee”. They heard it too. That means I’m not delirious.

Man, It was a horrifying night!!