Day 32, 2006

Yesterday was a somewhat fresh day for me. Having slept enough the previous night and concluded that I have an ADD, my mind is somewhat tamer. I went through the day coping only boredom, and not worse negative emotions.

And I finally able to secure my own website with a name I always want to have: STRIVEARTH.COM. Well, nothing in there yet, but I am planning to make it a hub of all of my digital creations, similar to this but have a more “private” feeling in it.

And this is exactly why europe is going under. Their arrogance and self-righteousness is boundless, and nothing have changed for the past 500 years following the horrible Inquisition. I know that secularism and weak control of their churches have made them able to depict Isa (Jesus) as horrible as they want, but Islam will never allow anyone to even make a picture of The Great Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihu Wassalam), because he is the holiest of all man and picturizing him is very much forbidden to avoid worshipping to him instead of God.

It is quite strange that they promote far in liberalism and even have been humiliating religions, but they cower in the face of holocaust lies and avoiding to have anti-semitist label branded to them. I say that’s outright HYPOCRISY !!

And terrorism is not taught by Muhammad. He is the one whose teaching says that even in the event of war, killing woman and children and destroying other religions holy building is not permitted. Compare that to the way church taught in the event of Crusade. Compare that to the way Unce Satan’s Army desecrating Iraq for the sake of controlling its oil. You can smell hypocrisy right away.



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