Day 33, 2006

Boss seems to be wavering. He complained about our lack of determinations to keep what is ours and letting others do our jobs. We thought it is his fault in the first place, being constantly giving what is supposed to be our jobs to other division. Being complained on, and recently lost one of our man, our team coordinated immediately. I don’t know if the coordination will last, but at least now I know that we must walk on our own feet from now on, and tried to convince our boss that we are better like that.

And now, it seems that someone still has some brain in France (the country who has never won any war, mind you). The editor of a French newspaper is SACKED for printing a cartoon featuring the Prophet Muhammad. Good. Hopefully more will follow. It is just not right to portray someone as innocent and as great as the number 1 most influential person on earth ever as a man who promoted terrorism due to tiny fractions of his follower love to play with detonators.


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