Day 34, 2006

Sometimes, I am too obstinate even to do things according to my instincts (it’ very good, I can assure you). It is the worst when a trend is showing because my natural habit of wanting to become someone who “stands out” from the crowd and wanting to become someone who “defied the trend”.

This mix of negative sides of EGO have been making me lost many in my Marketiva forex tradings. After months of trading, I know that my instinct has been sharpened nicely, but still I am not the one to trust it and let my “show off” nature took control.

Well, I guess there’s no good thing about showing off a thing you fail so many times, isn’t it?

Speaking about bad ends of a showing off, Danish government is trying to calm the protests storm that have been hitting the country since the revelation of “Muhammad cartoons”, whether it is official or coming from enraged moslems across the world. Denmark’s PM even talked to Muslim envoys amid widening protests in the Prophet Muhammad cartoon row.

Well, I think targeting and enraging moslems are two of hawkish wests agenda for the future years, blame that on fall of the Soviet Union. It’s old talk, but let it be retold: USA is a country where going to war is a must agenda for its puppetmaster.

A rich, independent, and anti-america country has been a target of weakening. USA and their dogs have been pointing fingers and acting outright imbalanced (and smearing their reputations more) when dealing with Iran’s atomic plant. Their propaganda has even caused a BBC World Service poll to find that Iran is the country most widely viewed as having a negative influence in the world. Well, I don’t know if BBC has turned into Blair’s lapdog or it is the dangerously succesful propaganda that have been launched by the hawks that triggered the paranoid people to coin that kind of opinion.

And I have guts feeling that UN’s atomic watchdog’s <A href="
“>report on Iran being submitted to the Security Council is nothing more than extensions to that selfish propaganda.

One more insult to injury: Tony Blair and George Bush had already decided to invade Iraq in January 2003, a human rights lawyer claimed. Let me say this once and for all: OIL GREED !!


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