Day 35, 2006

It’s official: Saturday has been a training and hybernation day for me. Long sleeps follow excessive physical exercises.

In another topic, dieting has taken its toll on me: my mind grows lazy and cloudy. Guess I better review my diet program.

I also recognized another negative habit in me: fear for a huge potency. My instinct tends to pull me off paths I know easy to walk on and will bring me HUGE rewards, simply by the fact that there is an adage that says “Easy Comes, Easy Goes”. It is the same instinct that recognizes those easy paths to glory. I simply have to deal with this cowardice.

Much that I love to see those artists and publishers who had desecrated image of The Great Prophet Muhammad, I think burning embassies is out of questions. Telling them to go out of country is enough act.

After reading this news, I sense another conspiracy brewing, conspiracy to further hike the profits of security industry and the costs of energy.

Our world has become more and more a world where economy is driven by terrors.

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