Day 36, 2006

Rainstorm came at night, when I were sleeping after a somewhat emotionally stormy day.
It’s always been emotionally stormy day lately, physically and emotionally.
Between keeping balance between my job and my dreams, there lays balance keeping of my conscious and my desires, and of the indulgence of instincts and the long thought of causes and effects.

I have said that I am a man of whims, and I will not pull those words back. Keeping balances have always been a TOUGH job for everyone!!

Okay, enough of me.

The west secularists government officials have threatened a coercive repercussion and condemned Muhammad cartoon protesters around the world. I guess they have to stood up for their own dignity, don’t they? I mean, they let stinky artists drew condemning cartoons that have become insults to believers of a religion and be proud of them, all in the name of democracy and freedom of expression. If they don’t stood for their own words (like the have done it in the past anyway), they’ll lose their face.

I don’t know what will they do if their wives have sex with younger guys in front of TV viewers for the reason of “Freedom of Expressing Long Withheld Desires”. If they are proud of them too, my pity to those who are being governed by them.


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