Weapon to End All Weapons – part 1

We are living in a world filled with tragedies resulting from the subjugation of people by their own choices. Choices that has been transforming into corruptor of the trusts, choices that once given the power trusted upon them by their the masses, turned it into deadly chains and whips that bind the people and force them to work to abide the will of the chosen.

If you have not realized that, you need to do reality check. Do it now, 15 minutes will do. Think on what kind of people sit on the chair of leadership, and think why they are there on the first place.

They are there because the ones who chose them belief that they will make it better for the masses.They are there because their chosers believed in their visions, their promises, their plans, and most of all, their lies.

They are there because their chosers believed in their WORD!!

Now clear your mind and realize it, realize it fully that behind all of those charades, masquerades, hypes, and smiles, lies one simple core to all of the problems that have been plaguing us all humans: the simple misuse of WORD.

Yes, WoRD is the simplest yet most devastating of all weapons ever devised by mankind. It is born with humans, used everyday by humans, and yet, humans have been twisted to numerous miseries by this simple thing that for 99% of the time of its existence is taken for granted.

To those who have realized it, manipulating it will be the next step into gaining dominating powers.

Now realize again, if you are still detaching yourself from the usual trappings of the world you live on, that the very things displayed here is the key to your wellbeings, in the past, now, or in the future. Realize that one thing that has been taken for granted for eons is the one that will make the differences, every seconds.

Realize it, and use your logic, you will be amazed how powerful this simple thing is.

Soldiers start to kill their enemies if there is a WORD of command mouthed by their commander. Their commander issued the command based on the WORD mouthed by his superior. And his superior launched the command based on the thought of his president, which in turn dictated the command based on his own thinking, largely because he read WORD given to him by the people around him. People who are using WORD themselves to gain satisfactions.

And behind them all, covered in the dark, controlling his strings of manipulations, is the one man who understands fully the power of WORD.

With the full use of WORD, he put the world according to his whim. With the irresponsible use of the WORD, he shaped the world, manipulated it, and then set it into motion in any form he wishes.

And to end his sinister ways, people need to employ a Weapon to end all weapons. The weapon is, if you realize now, is WORD.



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