Day 37, 2006

The sky is leaden gray from morning till afternoon, making clock and tiredness the only indication that the day was getting old and the night was oming. My Marketiva Journey is in profit, and I slept late.

Sleeping late has been a leech for my stamina. And I have said that it tend to drag me to my evil side.

Okay, let’s talk the world.

Lebanon’s interior minister resigned after protesters torch the Danish embassy in protest at Muhammad cartoons. I should be the other way around: Danish ambassador and his people must abandon Lebanon !!

Two Afghans died in a protest against Muhammad cartoons – thought to be the first deaths in worldwide rallies. That Danish dog has blood in his hands now !!

Indonesian police fired warning shots to break up a protest over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. Well, we’re the biggest muslim country in the world, we have to stand up and protest!!

Denmark <a href="
“>listed 14 countries it advises its citizens to avoid amid the Muhammad cartoon protests. The sign of being self-righteous and arrogant. I think arresting that Danish dog is a more effective way, and a rather efficient one too. But noo, they won’t arrest one of them, not after they were proud of him!!

Anyway, George W Bush outlines a $2,770bn budget, with more money for defence, but less for social areas. Well, I guess the cost of being liars and paranoids is high.

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