Day 38, 2006

Participated in a “jingle” competition yesterday. The topic is anything about QSHE. Oh well, due to lack of preparation (and lack of hearts), we shall be lost for sure. But what the heck, I participated, that’s what matters.

So far, I missed one competition, but that’s due to works. No harms done (I suppose)

Events surrounding Muhammad cartoons reactions have been various. One of the silliest one is this: A drug dealer who dressed as a suicide bomber to protest at controversial cartoons is sent back to prison. Talking about riding the wave of events..

Denmark blamed Iran after its Tehran embassy is attacked, as Iran cuts trade ties in a row over cartoons. Well, why don’t those Danish blame themselves and hang that damn insult? World will be at peace that way.

Muslim MPs in Nigeria burnt Danish and Norwegian flags over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. Not a nice thing to do, but what the heck. They have The Great Enlightener mocked, so its their turn to mock the mockers.

The Danish PM urged Muslims to refrain from violence in what he dubs a “global crisis” over the Muhammad cartoons. Well, is he deaf or what. We have said our demands, and we demand it fair: Punishment to the mocker of our Blessed Leader !!


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