Day 41, 2006

Man, yesterday was a rather waste of time. Boss took a leave, and all me and my college did was administration job and peering into old data.
My senior also told me a rather disturbing news: my division is being considered to be disbanded, since much of our responsibilities are being taken over by other divisions.

My senior told me that if the disbanding is true, then we better prepare for realocation. I have a feeling that I’d rather go out and start living by my own.

Making online comics and blog templates seems to be one good way of living right now, since there has been a rather exponential growth of blogs out there. I know I have the ideas and the artistic capabilities to do it. The first thing I have to do is making my blog more presentable. Don’t get me wrong, I like the the template now: it’s clean, fast-loaded, and no-nonsense thing. But to convince people that I’m a good template maker, I have to make the blog of my template looks good first, right? RIGHT!!

Now that I have grabbed ownership of my own site, I guess the next thing to do is to make it a portal of selling my services

Other way of living off the internet is doing online forex trading. Right now, I am trading with Marketiva platform. This platform is quite nice so far, but one thing that still makes me nervous is the fact that there seems to many unanswered questions regarding this platform. The questions about who they are, where do they come from, and whether they are legal entities or not. Seeing that there are so many scams out there, people thought that Marketiva is nothing more than another form of scam. So far, Marketiva has been delivering what they promise. I guess it’s just a matter of time before people see whether they are here to stay or not.


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