Day 42, 2006

Boy, yesterday was a hell for me. Sleepy all day, with my head keeps on pounding, and my muscles keep on aching. I think it’s been happening every saturday, and I don’t really know why. Trying to sleep off my head won’t work either.

It feels like every saturday, every cells in my body crave the atmospher of being coming to the office, drink the creamed, ginger flavored coffee, and do all the works all the while browsing the free internet. I didn’t take any coffee on the weekend. I decided that I don’t need coffee for those 2 days.

I began designing webpages for my site. But pounding head, aching muscles, and coffee craving are not the best conditions for artistic venture, so I ended up being simplistic. The site will be a “frame leaping” experience,where navigation frames will be stacked over so that you can have an easy, to the point browsing experiences.

And about that “Saturday sickness”, I planned to do something about it next saturday. Hopefully it will work.

And oh yeah: woe to the supporters of Muhammad Cartoons and that pig country Denmark (where the majorituy are not humans, but pigs!!). You are idiotic and sadistic to support something that is blatantly used as an expressions to mock a Dignified Figure.


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