Day 43, 2006

Really, I don’t know what to write today.
Actually, I have lots on my head, but don’t have the spirit to write them all.
Have been like that for the last 2 weeks.
It feels like I’m getting bored with my life’s monotony.
Wake up at around 3 a.m, do the Isya and Tahajjud prayer.
Turn on the computer, write an entry into this blog, read e-mails, and login to Marketiva to put the trades of the day.
And then take the Subuh prayer, breakfast, morning bath, get dressed, prepare everything, and went out, reaching the bus in time.
After 2 buses and a rather short nap, I finally arrive at the office, greeted by the same routine smells and chills.
After 9 hrs or more, interrupted by Lunch, Dhuhur and Ashar prayer, I go home. Another hour on the street, and another short nap later, I arrive at home.

And turn on the computer, login to Marketiva, do some arts, and then eat dinner, take a bath and do the Maghrib prayer.

And then I close all open positions in Marketiva, take the profits of the day, and go to sleep.

Repeat that each and every office days.

I am getting bored on daily basis.

And lives outside office is not getting better either. Spinsters spitting out their words, world leaders satisfy their own cronies, people getting robbed everyday, and children are losing future free of facades and masquerades.

Geh, what a live.

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