Day 44, 2006

Boy, I think I somehow contracted flu yesterday. Don’t know where this come from, cause somehow everyone around me seems to be quite healthy.

And boy, how some young people are truly idiotic. One boy was told to be careful with his cigarettes by a concerned woman, only to be rebutted by saying it’s his right. Yeah, you idiot. I think it’s your right that you’re poisoning yourself with that thing. Not to mention that you said that being a career woman, she is on different class than yours. You’re right again, idiot. You’re stay poor cause you’re idiot enough to burn your lungs, and not to mention your money. I guess your money comes from your poor parents, who are idiot smokers too.

All smokers are idiot. They burn their own money, and in doing so, deteriorate the health of other people. All for the sake of having pleasant tasted smoke filled their lungs. And after the taste gone, all that will be left is tar eating away their lungs.



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