Day 51,2006

Back to office, back to routines, back to cold, particles dispersing merciless Air Conditioner.

Speaking about nasty treatment to breathing system: do you believe in holocaust?
I mean, I don’t understand why europeans are so fearful on denying this holocaust, but they turned a blind eye when Bosnians are systematically suffered under Kroasian genocidal fight.

Why does a denial to holocaust worth a trial? Does denying holocaust equal to performing heresy or is it simply because europeans are so under the influence of those cursed sons of Jacob?

I am an anti-semit, cause I have no reason to not hate them. They rob a country off its lands. They have systematically put the world into an economic model where the intangibe assets are the dominant of wealths. They have systematically made lies about being the worst victims where others are (take a look at Inquisition: the worst victims are the moslem, but those bastars have manipulated people’s belief and claim they are the most suffered).

So, until they take their dirty hands off Israel, I will hate every sons and daughters of Jacob.


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