Day 52, 2006

It seemed I got a kind of ghost running around the outskirt of my house.

You see, I was attacked by a kind of mild insomnia last night, so I slept close to midnight (not a good thing for someone who has to get up and prepare since 4.30 a.m, I can sure you of that).

Since my room felt hotter than usual, I decided to move to my sister’s room (she was at college in Surabaya, some 1000 kilometer away..) where it has been always cooler than my room.

But soon, something chilling happened. A sound, voice, heard as sinister mix of laughter and a pig’s squeal, emanating just outside the room, under the tall mango tree. It last for 5-10 horrible minutes. Then silence.

And then slowly, another sound emanated. It sounds like high pitched cry of a cat mixed with that of a baby. It sounded shrill and thrilling.
It sounded like some ethereal creature. It’s a “banshee”.

So I escaped the room, and joint my mother and aunt who slept on the living room’s floor (they prefer to sleep there and that way, it’s cooler they said). I woke them, and made them listen to the sound of the “banshee”. They heard it too. That means I’m not delirious.

Man, It was a horrifying night!!


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