Daay 57, 2006

To wrap up my activities yesterday: Sleeping, tinkering around with my new S75, and playing CIV4. What a weekend, right? Yeah…

Anyway, It turns out that siemens S75 still has many bugs in it. The one regarding its media player is somewhat annoying, but will be rather rarely encountered by me: If you already playing the media player, chosing: “Add Playlist” will show that both cellphone’s memory and the installed RS-MMC are blank, and if you press the middle navi keypad, it will shut the cellphone down. But like I said, I will rarely encounter this problem, so it will be fine for me.

Another bug is the interaction between the cellphone and its managing software (installed on PC), Mobile Phone Manager. It seems you need to launch the MPM first, then connect your cellphone and let the MPM recognizes it. Also make sure you have set the right outlook version (or lotus version) to be synchronized by the MPM, or you’ll have it going round in circle of error when used to synchronize the cellphone with your managing software data. It’s a shame that for every newe release of MPM, new bugs arise, kinda reminds you of microsoft, right?

Anyway, it seems fear of “Supernatural beings” still hovering inside my mind, kinda pushing me into some unstable, cowardice person whenever I am tired. It’s creepy.


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