Day 60, 2006

Yesterday was pretty boring.
Really, I’m not the one for routine, repetitive things, I prefer changes once in a while (but not too much changes, it tends to make me nervous)

And I guess it is quite safe to think that we need to change our common reality, the reality we share together, cause this reality has been influenced with “intangible factors” too much. And guess what: “intangible assets” are probable the biggest drivers of economic growth (or shrink). Perceptions, my friends, have become the biggest resources that have been harvested by wordsmiths and bigtalkers. That’s why the most successful persons have been the ones who can do excellent wordsmithing and do bigtalking very often.

Am I right?

So change our reality, see it like The Sword of Shannara had done to the Warlock Lord: Stripped him off his lies, so that what will be left is nothing, cause he was just a reality set in motion by his state of mind and those who believes him.

Anyway, while we are at it, why don’t we start by looking at our own democracy?

More will follow


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