Day 66,2006

Let’s talk more about reality.
People may say that reality is in the mind of the perceiver. I somewhat agree, but I can also add that reality, in the end, is formed from a collective subconscious of people.
Sometimes a man live in his own reality, actively trying to deviate from common reality, while collective subconcsious will push him and forces him to accept the way of general people.
I sometimes thinking that I am somehow living outside the common reality, thinking differently from other people, looking at them not as part of my reality, but as an object outside my live. An object of observation and philosophical thoughts. When I deviate far from the collective reality, somehow my subconscious mind is forcing me to return to it, fearing the consequences of drifting far from “real world”

But I love to deviate far from the “real world” around me, because this is how I live my morning every working days:

Image Hosted by

Chaos, subjugated people, and egoistic survival instincts are on rampant around me. Surviving for these folks of my country seems to mean ignoring rules, cause some rules are somewhat non-existant in this country.

Image Hosted by

Repeat of those same images of reality attacking my vision has somewhat made my mind tired. Perhaps they can easily accept the fact that they are able to live like that, but I can’t. I just can’t accept these chaos forcing into me.

But so far, I just have to accept it.


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