Day 67, 2006

As Reality still wraps around me, I have a feeling that I am beginning to do a small rebellious path against it.
Yesterday, when a bus “money collector” (the guy who collect passanger fees during travel) told us, the passangers, to switch bus. It is a usual thing done by bus personnel, moving passangers to an emptier bus so that they can turn around and catch other passangers in waiting in reverse route. I decided I have to show some of my grudge regarding such custom, and decided to bang the bus door with my fist.

I pay full money, and I expect full service. Customers are not kings, mafia bosses are. We low-life customers mean money to be sucked here in Indonesia.

I am thinking about exploding any bus which personnel tell me to switch bus. That will be further rebellion agains this absurd reality.

Alright, as I write this, I am preparing to go to Kurau for field duties till March 20, 2006. Prepare for some “Kurau Field Trip VI” entries

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