Day 21 of 3rd Month of 2006

Had my first day on a short course in Problem Solving and Decision Making Today.
It was a somewhat refreshing thing for me, after days in the field and still has no mood to come to office (Actually, I still has no mood to leave home..still need some bed rest and soul stabilizing. Emphasis on soul stabilizing)

Well, seing fresh faces, especially young, rich, stylish girls can be soul refreshing for a single man

Okay, back to problem solving course.
The first day of the course taught us to identify the root cause of a problem. To identify root cause of a problem, you need to define the problem first (what, when, where, how big, and how often) and compared the problematic item to an analogue that has no problem. You need to find what things differentiate both, what things change in the problematic one, and try to test for and find relevancy of the differences and changes to the problem.

With enough practices on this algorithm, you can find the root of the problem fast and easily.

Yesterday will be second day (of three), here’s hoping for more refreshment for the eyes


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