In United States of America, women are defending the right to abort the would be future generations (to think of it, many caucasians are killing their future generations, and they are blaming turkish and africans for stealing their homelands)
In Indonesia, women are defending the right to show bellybutton, cleavage (upper and bottom), and the right to express self.
It’s all related to how sperms are ejaculated.
It’s all related on natural selection and survival instincts (more open woman attracts more horny men…so she can choose freely which one suits her needs)
So, when men are blamed for systematic reciprocal moves of his penis inside unwilling nipples selling women, why not women blamed for not properly cover the uncontrollabe movement of their mammae while walking the street?
The right of expressing self. Yeah right, you express your booties to be pressed in the pussy by the dick, and you blame the dick for things growing inches above your holes.
The right of emancipation. Yeah right, emancipation only remembered when you have no rights to vote and not when you are seeking living partners.
Or perhaps it is the way we adapt to rising pressure of living: shed off some limitations so we can move more freely?
Well, babes, there’s afterlife. And in case you haven’t know, women are majority of fuel to the flame there.

So, simply put: pornographic or not, whenever you are letting those little nipples of of yours pressing hard against your clothes, some men are wasting energies trying to contain their wild urges.

And wasting energies are not efficient, and speaking about efficiency, sometimes those scarcely-can-be-called-outfits of yours are the most inefficient things in the world: they costs more money per square feet, they expose your skin to the atmosphere thus increasing skin’s humidity lost, and they make your blood to circulate faster to keep you warmer.

Yeah, you maybe able to make a man gives a ring because you are such a good sight, but when lipids are starting to develop under your skin, don’t cry when he seeks another good sight, with less lipids under her skin.

And oh yeah, abortion. You killed the baby, therefore you are a killer. I vote for death sentence for a killer.


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