Playing CIV IV all day long, with watching people catching, brutally killing, and burn a lot of Patin fishes.
The fishes are the results of months of feeding some larvas (of the said fishes, of course). It is quite a sight, watching all of those fishes wiggling violently as they are separated from the water they were in, and then packed, 20-30 fishes at a time, into 3 buckets.
The next step is to kill them all, by tore open their belly. Well, let’s say that if you’re an animal lover, you’ll be frustated on how they stick their knives in, and then brutally tore open the inside of the fishes. Really, that’s the way to kill them, I suppose.
Now, be amazed: Even when they are all tore open, they are still wiggling about. And some, even after their innards removed, are still wiggling about. Guess their will to life is simply HUGE, right?

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