Monthly Archives: April 2006

Hmmmmm, wonder how many of you will read this, but here it goes: my novel, part of my lifetime project is here

Yeah, it looks amateurish, so bear with me. It’ll improve.


Which is mine.
Work is hard.
Work for money.
Work for food.
Work…to live?

I really need to enjoy my work.

Well, I should have been doing simulation, but hey, it’s weekend and all my mental nerves are aching…so I need some rest.

And add it to the fact that data needed for my simulations are not good enough…so there, I have excuse…hopefully it will be good enough..

See you on Labour Day

Please God, I think I need some suspended time for myself…a pocket of static time in the everflowing and overengulfing rush of time…please, for my sanity’s sake…

I mean…between still thinking about my arts, my ideas, my unhatched stories, my everpushing work, and two very demanding juniors, my sanity has been taking a back seat and threatened to be extinct…

Well, one more thing: spouse.

That’s the hardes problem for me.



Or Problems?

Dude, where has the “BlogThis!” capability of Blogger gone? I mean, I have been pressing the “BlogThis!” button on my Opera to no avail. Gee, that’s the second very powerful function that has been removed by Blogger, hot on the trail of the lost “Date Manipulating Sticky Posting” trick.

And dude, office live is tough, especially if you are alone with a boss, a somewhat confusing senior, and 2 question-shooting juniors. Phew, thanks God a new PC is the gift for handling those 2 juniors.

Wait, a Gift? New PC set whichs monitor is less flat than the oldd one? New PC? Is that mean reinstalling of all those applications that has been making my PC my PC?
Gee…that means more things to do.

And still, there are those 2 juniors…and those 2 service companies…and those 2 contracts to supervise..


…I think the horrors are part of the things I need to purge from the course of my life. I need to purge the fears out of my systems, to master how to purge fear, and to put fear to good use.

Only when I know how to master will I truly be master of myself.

Let’s do it together !!

Still unable to shake up my fear on imaginated horrors around my house.
Still unable to sleep properly.

What should I do?
I mean, if this continues on, I’ll no longer have peaceful nights, having to continously feel the fear all night.