April Fool’s Day

Nuff said.

Fooled You!!

I think I’ll say more.

Been watching Syriana, Crash, and A History of Violence on DVDs.
Syriana is the worst of three in term of enjoyment. I mean, the plot is slow, the storytelling is half-hearted, and the climax is questionable. Still, it has guts to tell about oil-related conspiracy and it has Matt Damon and George Clooney in it (together with a bunch of old, conspiracy type actors. It even has one negro actress that resembles Condoleeza “Moslemicide Mistress” Rice).

Crash. Wow, this one won Oscar. With all of that twisting, all star casts, brave venture into the racial war territory, and strong characterization and nice storytelling and cinematography, this one is a DEFINITIVE WINNER !!

A History of Violence. Although the theme migh sounds familiar to moviegoers, the movie still offers something. Interesting cinematography, calm but dangerous pace, switching back and forth between action and family drama scenes, and nicely done gore are all this movie is about. Emphasize on interisting cinematography.

Oh yeah, I also watched Pride and Prejudice. It’s what I would call “Victorian Romantic Drama Comedy”, catchy, entertaining, and lighthearted without losing substances. And man, Kiera is simply GORGEOUS.

Well, Still got Underworld Evolution to wathc. Hope this one has some meat in it and not just blood. Lycanths and Vampires. White-wolf anyway?


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