Still continuing my adventure on Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
This game turns out very challenging. There are several quests I haven’t finished simply because:
a. my character’s level is not high enough to meet the challenge ahead,
b. there are several items, notably the potion of healing and potion of sorcery, which is important to keep me alive during the quests but even the stores have them in short stocks.

About the quests itself, the game is far advanced compared to generic storytelling of many RPGs out there. Take one example: A problem with rats turn out to be invasions of some mountain lions, and perhaps invasion of private properties. A missing painter case turn out to be perhaps the biggest challenge for all RPG players ever. Quests in Oblivion are nicely arranged and very nicely conveived, that even when you’re a veteran RPG players, you’ll be surprised while progressing in each quests.

And this game is so far different than its predecessor, Morrowind in term of gameworld, whereas Morrowind offers a mix of swampy landscape, barren and ashen mountain terrain, and green hills, Oblivion offers green forest, fertile hills, and beautiful landscapes through and through.

In short, so far, Oblivion is an eye candy for you who loves to travel freely in a game world.


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