Saw something interisting today: two little girls are playing. As they were giggling, one girl put her index finger inside her friend, challenging her friend to bite it. The friend bite it, and the two girls are still giggling (one of them do a “giggle-while-biting” giggle, go figures!). A giggle changed into a cry once the biter bite harder, and still the biter girl giggle, thinking that her friend’s cry was just an expression of momentary shock.
Her cry was continuing as I walked away after seeing that the biter still bite the crier despite her cry went louder and clearly showing signs of being in pain.
I don’t know what happened next, but this event suddenly gave me a philosophical questions:

Are we like those little girls, playing some dangerous games till some of us cry, and some of us think it’s just part of the game?

Innocent as they are, will one little girl brand her friend as tormentor forever?

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  1. Amy said:

    No, kids forgive and forget pretty quickly… I bet they were best friends again the next day.

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