Dude, where has the “BlogThis!” capability of Blogger gone? I mean, I have been pressing the “BlogThis!” button on my Opera to no avail. Gee, that’s the second very powerful function that has been removed by Blogger, hot on the trail of the lost “Date Manipulating Sticky Posting” trick.

And dude, office live is tough, especially if you are alone with a boss, a somewhat confusing senior, and 2 question-shooting juniors. Phew, thanks God a new PC is the gift for handling those 2 juniors.

Wait, a Gift? New PC set whichs monitor is less flat than the oldd one? New PC? Is that mean reinstalling of all those applications that has been making my PC my PC?
Gee…that means more things to do.

And still, there are those 2 juniors…and those 2 service companies…and those 2 contracts to supervise..


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