Return, Refreshed, and Revamped

Back from a week’s in-house training themed “Supervisory Role” held by my office in conjunction with PT. Lantera Karya Manajemen.

“Supervisory Role” ? Gee…that sounds cool, right? YEAH!!

But let me tell you one fact: I am not a supervisor. Not even a permanent employee.
Not even 2 years behind my employment.
Not even interested to be working like this for the next 5 years…

So, why “Supervisory Role” ?

Ask my boss.

Anyway………let’s talk about the in-house training, ‘kay?

Basically, the training was about “How to be a good supervisor”

First, a supervisor must know how to be a good team player, even when he is the leader. The “Team Building” session was done outbound, on open air, green grass, and fresh, cool air I’d love to pack home as a souvenir if I know how.

First part of it was about overcoming communication barrier. When we were done doing it, we know that communicating jobs need to be specific and clear or things will go slow or not completed. Next parts were about teaming up: job specifications, clear directions, and chains of commands.

Boy, we all were messing up when doing teamworks, the biggest problems? Clear chain of commands. Everyone was trying to tell others how to do things, so no one listens and the works become tedious and far from complete.

So we learnt our lessons.

Next: we were told to speak and write down our ideas of what needs to be done by a supervisor?

Well, to short things up: we all are seeing that a supervisor needs to be a jack-of-all trades on managing subordinates and pleasing the managements. Supervisors also need to be teachers to subordinates.

Basically: Supervisor needs to make things done by implementing POAC (Planning – Organizing – Achieving\Leading – Controlling\Coordinating).

We were taught about self-management next. In short, self-management is: Managing Self, how can someone fully control self being and reality of life. We were taught to have a flexible paradigm, a convertible point of view. As said by Peter Covey : “If we want to change thigngs, we have to change ourselves, and to change ourselves, we need to change our paradigms”

Cool words, eh?

But this Covey dude still has more cool words coming: the 7 habits. they are:
Be Proactive,
Begin with The End in Mind,
Put First Thing First,
Think Win-win,
Seek first to understand then to be understood,
and Sharpen the Saw.

(and yes, I’m too lazy to make it looks more like a list)

7 Deadly Effective habits.

So, what’s after self management? Well, it’s “Tongue Management” (or in a more civilized, normal way of speaking: Communication Skills). For you who don’t know, communication ranks first among the tools to reach success.

In communication, 7% of the message comes from the actual words that are spoken, 38% from tone of voice, and 55% from body language.

See that, actual words count for only 7% of the message. The rest of communications count heavily on how you manage the tones of your voice and how you carry yourselves during the communication, verbally (with language) or non-verbally (without language)

And a bona-fide communicator uses 75% of his time to LISTEN !!

And next, we are taught how to effectively manage a meeting and a presentation. Well, they are kinda a balanced mix of teamwork, communication skills, and self-management skills. In short: prepare yourself to be slaughtered in front of everybody presents. Prepare also to be sharp and in control.

And………still a lot more I learnt from the training: Management of Change (“what is constant is change”), Stress Management (“Be Cool, Be Cool, Be Cool”), Time Management (“Priority Management”), Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling (“Share Time To Grow That Wet-Behind-The-Ear Guy”), Completed Staff Work (“Do Things Completely”), Decision Making Problem Solving (“What is the root of the problem and how to take that away completely”), and finally How to Manage Difficult People (“Lens of Understanding”)

A lot of things were taught in 4 jam packed, 7 a.m to 9 p.m sessions.

I didn’t get out unchanged.


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