Greed: Child of Surviving Mind?

It occured to me when I was doing some contemplating (or “staring at the ceiling daydreaming”) that our the survival instinct that we inherited by becoming living beings gives birth to greed and fear when mated with our intelligence.

Now, why is greed, in my opinion, born out of survival instinct and intelligence?

Simple, survival is about being adaptive to the challenges and see it to the end, right? Right.

Now, when people succeed in implementing their ways to tackle challenge, using both intelligence and instinct, they will get results that will give them a degree of security to proceed with their lives.

Now, this is where greed comes in. Intelligence will tell people that if a degree of security can be gained, there must be another way to increase the degree of security. Furthermore, instinct tell us that by increasing our degree of security, our chance of survival will be increased. Both will drive us to gain more and more in order to increase our degree of survival. The name of that drive we all know too well:GREED.

Well, based on this point of view, greed is not a bad thing. It drives us to increase our chance for survival. Greed becomes a bad (or “generally unacceptable thing”) when it drives us to excessively take materials or when there is no limit on how high our chance of survival must be.

So that is greed in my point of view. Do you have opinion on that?

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