Goblins in My Mind

I have an active mind, one that will never stop, even when I am asleep (I know because sometimes I can feel that I am making decisions in my dreams).
Now, that mind can be a problem when the most frequently thought topics are things of horrors.

I have it going on with me for about two or three months now: nights of troubled sleeps because whenever I close my eyes, my mind will quickly be filled with images that come out of imaginary horrors. Sometimes I fell to sleep because of tiredness of spending seconds chasing away ghastly images running rampart on my head. And when i am asleep, I dream horrible dreams that force me to awake. And when I am awake afterward, I will be chasing away those ghostly images that my brain generates.

Men, sometimes, I think I will make a horror novel based on what has been going on inside my brain. Yeah, I guess that’ll do, IF i have the time

Now, can anyone suggest what I suppose to do? It’s been taxing me my sanity and my stamina…

of of


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