Optimistic? No?

Well, my latest two weeks foray in Kurau yielded me many raw data I have not fully utilized. One of them is the knowledge that a tested well still has potency to be uprated (or increased-in-rate). So I did my calculations, do some simulations and sensitivity analysist, and have a rough draft on how can we increase the rate of the pump. So, with full confident, I sent an e-mail mentioning my draft of well uprating to a man who went all “OPTIMISTIC OR BUST” on me almost a month ago. I hope he would approve me.


He said I am a stupid to go with the uprating. Whadda hell? He told me that if I do the uprating, the well will soon produce more water than oil. So I said “What happened to the OPTIMISTIC attitude?”. He said “OPTIMISTIC MY BUTT!! I DON’T WANNA SEE A WELL GOES WATERY ON ME!!”

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that a Production Optimization Consultant was on hire and doing his job right now…

Sigh. So much for being an optimistic junior….

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