Monthly Archives: June 2006

Year has gone by without much changes
Of all, only ages add in number
Ultimate sins are being waged

All are facing changes
Return of the biblical sins are here
Enlarged by the negligents

Watch! The Wraths of God are coing
Avert! The Sins that lure your faiths
Reject! The instincts to accept the inescapables
No Fear! His Protections are yours
Embrace! The Words of God!
Detach! Detach the skins of the world!


Start with a tendency to lie.
Add a certain amount of tendency to let things done by others.
And throw into the mix a tendency to let lies continue.

Add a fact that leaders are lying everyday.
Add a fact that there are people following the leaders.
Add a fact that there are egoistic minds hidin behind a mask of leadership.
And throw into the mix the usual ways to bend logics to satisfy leaders need.

Add a fact that zealots follow the egoistic leaders.
Add a fact that the non-zealots are forced to adapt to the way of the zealots.
Add a fact that twisted logics will become the day-to-day rules.
And throw into the mix the ignorances that are valued as conformities by the silent majority.

Ignorances will let lies flourish
lies will let twisted logics grow
Twisted logics will let unbalance grow
And unbalances will soon cause destructions.

Add the fact that there are people who incline to lie in time of destructions.
Add a certain amount of tendency to let things done by those liars.
And throw into the mix a tendency to let the liars overgrown their controls.

You’ll soon see twisted logics grow like vine
Rooting in silent majority’s souls
And numb their senses

In the end, what’s left are vampires and their victims.
Victims who ask the questions: Why there is none who oppose the liars?

…is a matter of believing.

If no one believes in war being the only tool to solve problems, then war has no bargaining power as tools.
If no one believes that a man is fit to be a leader, then the said man has no power in leadership
If no one believes that a lie is a truth, then the lie becomes lie still and truth still need to be sought

If many believes that one liar is trustworthy, then the lie becomes acceptable truth
If many believes that they need to do nothing about changing the way they live, then no one will have any changes

It’s all about believing.
It’s all about selling words and buying promises.

Evolution. Creationism. God.
It’s all about believing.

So what’s the limititation of believing?
What separates us from beasts?


It’s all about thinking.
Think about it !!

I have been having physical overload lately, and still unable to find permanent cure.
The temproral cure is sleeping which makes me feel refreshed every morning. But as the real life begins assaulting my senses, I will be overloaded again and unable to think straight.
Two things that have been bothering me: cultural marriage obligation and cultural being-employed obligation.
Both I have been thinking out of the norms, and both I have been having assaults about.
I have to choice: embrace the de facto norms I am enforced with, or rebelling with self-indulgence.
Still, I have the fear or not surviving…..

I have been having a receding hairline..that’s a fact I mentioned yesterday.
The world is having a receding psychological safety…that’s a fact we are somehow trying to ignore…and in this case, ignorance seems to be not a bliss
How come it is a bliss if we ignore that we are being burnt alive and sucked dry by strange vampiric legislations and perverted common sense?

Well….sometimes even me cannot have any decent inspirations to have a blog entry…so, I will write about that lack of inspirations.
Well,. my blood rose even for the inspiration to write about no inspirations , isn’t that inspirational ?

Boy, I am only 26 and my hairline is already receding….sigh